Stations of Light

These “Stations of Light”  from  Colour and Shape (Eleanor Oliver) will be posted daily from 12th April Easter Sunday to Saturday 25th April.   These are primarily for children but there’s something for all ages to enjoy!

Guest Speakers:
Jo Gilbert
Fr Nick Crowe
Anna Woodward
Ric Slatter
Fr David King
Rachel E Rose
Matt Oliver
Katy Gray
Kate Cavanagh
Fr Kit Rodger
Pippa Baker
John Wright
Hermione Thomas
Cassie Emmott

Collect a letter each day and work out the 14 letter word or phrase at the end.

Latest day at the top so you can find it more easily…

3rd Sunday of Easter – The Road to Emmaus – With a final message for the Stations of Light

Station 14 – April 25th – Guest Speaker Cassie Emmott

Station 13 – April 24th – Guest Speaker Hermione Thomas

Station 12 – April 23rd – Guest Speaker John Wright

Station 11 – 22nd April – Guest Speaker Pippa Baker

Stastion 10 – 21st April – Guest Speaker Fr Kit Rodger

Station 9 – 20th April – Guest Speaker Kate Cavanagh

Station 8 – 19th April – 2nd Sunday of Easter – Guest Speaker Katy Gray

Station 7 – 18th April – Guest Speaker Matt Oliver

Station 6 – 17th April – Guest Speaker Rachel E Rose

Station 5 – 16th April – Guest Speaker Fr David King

Station 4 – 15th April –  Guest speaker Ric Slatter

Station 3 – 14th April – Guest Speaker Anna Woodward

Station 2 – 13th April – Guest Speaker  Fr Nick Crowe

Station 1 – 12th April – Easter Sunday – Guest Speaker – Jo Gilbert

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