Colour and Shape

In January 2021 the LCSB launched a prayer and funding partnership with Colour and Shape to develop our mission to families and young people. Details about the partnership can be found on the two attached documents.

“Colour and Shape has been a wonderful source of inspiration to many families during the Covid crisis, and we are very happy to build our partnership. We look forward to developing our digital outreach to spread the good news of the Gospel,” said Adam Simon, Leader of the LCSB.

“I am so excited to see how, working with the LCSB, Colour and Shape will continue to grow in its mission, building a prayer network and becoming a real source of inspiration and encouragement for anyone tasked with accompanying children and young people on their adventure of faith,” said Eleanor Oliver, Founder of Colour and Shape

LCSB partnership with Colour and Shape
Colour and Shape – Introduction

Colour and Shape website

Sunday Children’s Liturgy from Colour and Shape (link to Facebook page) .

Children’s Liturgy Archive



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