LCSB 1971-2021 – Fiftieth Anniversary

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Sunday 28th February…

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Mark Soady is Secretary to the Committee of Anglican Religious Communities in England; he currently works with all nuns, monks and friars throughout the Church of England.  Mark was a Psychiatric Nurse and was the Founder Prior of the Holywell Community in Abergavenny. Before his Ordination, he was Head of Office to Rt Hon Lord Jenkins of Hillhead OM, and worked for the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.  Mark is Rector of Rufford & Tarleton, in the Diocese of Blackburn.

We are planning 5 ‘decade’ gatherings in 2021
to cover the 50 years of WALC & LCSB
in January (70s), February(80s), March(90s), May(00s) and June (10s).

In which decade did you first arrive at WALC/LCSB?

Click this link to find out where we have placed you
and let us know on the email below if you prefer to be in another group.
(You are welcome to come along to more than one decade party!)

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Dom Stephen Ortiger
Abbot Victor Farwell
24th January 2021
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