Family Values

If asked to describe what the LCSB means to me in one word it would be Family! It feels like I have been involved for ages but when I think back it’s only a couple of years, having started my journey as an enquirer just before the Summer Gathering in 2014! Since then I have really become part of the life of the community, volunteering to edit the magazine shortly after becoming a member, running a weekend, being involved in local groups and joining the Council this Summer! I have been able to do all this because of what the community has given me and the overall character of the LCSB.
One thing that people may not know about me is that I usually struggle immensely with social situations (I do suspect some undiagnosed Aspergers lurking somewhere!) However, at my first experience of the LCSB – a Southern group day two years ago, I found myself deep in conversation with many different people throughout the day, on many different topics – something that surprised me immensely, having expected another awkward day in the shadows! When I think back on this day, and about what it is that makes the LCSB special, what strikes me is a genuine sense of interest in the lives of each of the members, by the members. This shines through from the minute you are welcomed as an enquirer and due to this, the LCSB feels to me like a second family.
Everyone is valued, and each person’s gifts and contributions come together to make the community what it is. I am proud to be a member and to be able to contribute in the ways that I am able. I was already interested in the Benedictine faith before becoming an enquirer and have found that most Benedictine of things – hospitality – in abundance in the community.
I’ll finish with Chapter 72 of the Rule, which formed part of my enquiring, and illustrates the character of the LCSB for me.
“There is a good spirit which frees us from evil ways and brings us closer to God and eternal life. It is this spirit that all who follow the monastic way of life should strive to cultivate. By following this path they try to be first to show respect to one another with the greatest patience in tolerating weakness of body or character…Thus the pure love of one another as of one family should be their ideal.”

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