The Balanced Life Project: Finding Fulfillment

Healthy Habits  course on Mondays from 15th March

Symposium –  Saturday 20th March  10-12 am

Balanced Life Essay Competition – results and essays

The Balanced Life Project is a life-enhancing programme based on 4 Pillars:
Purpose, Connection, Wellbeing, and Impact.


Read about the origins of The Balanced Life Project and
the research
undertaken that helped to shape the aims and
direction of this project in this document.


The first Balanced Life weekend took place on 3-5 January 2020,
where the 4 Pillars were explored through a series of talks and discussions.

The Balanced Life : a recap and looking forward

Introduction to the Balanced Life and knowing the purpose in my life

Making an impact: meaningful work

Cultivating healthy habits: fitness training

Building connection with others:the power of friendship

Making an impact: preserving the earth


Find out about our essay competition here
(ends October 31)



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