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The Lay Community of St Benedict (LCSB) is a dispersed ecumenical community with a love of St Benedict and a rule of life which puts Christ at the centre.

Originally the Worth Abbey Lay Community (WALC) we became independent to discover the relevance of the Rule of St Benedict for those outside the monastery. Each member, friend and enquirer has to make a real effort in building community. Sustained by prayer, this means keeping in contact through local and regional meetings and social media. Our experience of the LCSB encourages greater commitment to the life of the parish-leaven in the bread.

Despite being a dispersed community, there are opportunities to gather for Easter and for our Summer Gathering and AGM in August. We provide members with a magazine, newsletters and a website. In addition, Members have run retreats and Benedictine pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to Italy in the steps of St Benedict.

Historically our roots lie in the Catholic Church and Worth Abbey, a Catholic Benedictine Monastery but non-Catholics have always enriched our Community and enquirers of any faith and none. Biblical weekends are run by a Baptist Minister; services led by Anglican priests; a “Friend” who comes from a Jewish background and contributes in many ways, including leading ceilidhs. Members are married and single, men and women, young and old, who live in all parts of the country as well as abroad.

Benedict of Nursia, who died circa 543, is the father of western monasticism and patron saint of Europe. His Rule, written to give guidance to men and women seeking God whilst living in community, is amongst the most influential of Christian writings. We, as Members, are Christians dedicated to the Gospel and the spirituality of St Benedict, who drew upon it substantially to formulate his Rule. We seek the guidance of both to inspire our everyday lives.

The Rule reflects a profound understanding of human nature. It is being rediscovered today by lay men and women seeking to deepen their relationship with God in today’s busy and fragmented world. Some of the qualities which the Rule seeks to instil are: listening to God, the value of humility, a habit of regular prayer and scripture reading, seeking stability and balance in our lives, being honest about ourselves, being generous with our hospitality towards others, and a commitment to support one another.

We have established a discernment and formation programme for enquirers, during which they are put into contact with a companion (current member) who will guide them as they learn about the Rule of St Benedict and our Lay Community.

In due course, they may be invited to take our Promise:

In response to the Call of Christ

I offer myself to Almighty God

By the help of the Holy Spirit

With the love of the Lay Community of St Benedict

To live holy communion,

Create holy space and

Offer holy service, in the ways in which my circumstances allow.

We welcome you to seek further information:     www.laybenedictines.org   email: laybenedictines@gmail.com

The Lay Community of St. Benedict.   Registered Charity No. 1100638. Incorporated in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee No.04838564. Registered office: Ael-y-Bryn, Coed Glas Lane, Abergavenny NP75LE.The Community is registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998, Registration number Z8223334.

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