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The LCSB has always operated behind closed doors in terms of sharing pieces of writing from and about the community. We have a beautiful magazine which comes out 3 times a year called “Listen” which covers different themes each time, and always includes updates about members of the community.

We have a Facebook group which is open to members only. So the creation of the blog reflects a move to open a window into the heart of the community and to invite people to get to know us and what we do. We will be encouraging members and guest bloggers to contribute short pieces of up to 500 words talking on a topic about which they are passionate, at a monthly rhythm, which over time will constitute a rich tapestry of witness of how lay Benedictines are trying to live faithfully in the world the Gospel and the Rule of St Benedict.

You can also find us on Twitter @LCStBen

and on Facebook

As a community we bless all those seeking to deepen their commitment to Christ in the world.



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